Saturday, July 05, 2008

Red River, 4th of July

July, 4th is a great time to be in Red River. The parade starts at 10.00AM and usually takes over an hour to pass by. There is so much enthusiasm to be seen amongst the participants and onlookers. Hope you all had a great July, 4th.

My friends Mike and Jean Armstrong stopped by to spend some time with me in Red River. Thank you Mike and Jean for coming all the way from Cornelia, Georgia. I hope you enjoyed your stay... The truth is I have talked so much about Red River that they had to come and see for themselves.

I need to mention my friend Dan Arterburn. He plays multiple instruments up at the cowboy evening on Bobcat Pass and has been there ever since I met him around 1992. That's Dan with his banjo on the front of the covered wagon.

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