Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Beatles and other sixties music.

I once again played on the porch at the Community House. My friend Fritz Davis Challenged me to play all different music on my second night in a row at the Community House and I took him up on the challenge. I played all fifties and sixties music from Buddy Holly and Eddy Cochran, to the Beatles and Eric Clapton. It was well received and I had many voices joining in on the choruses. We had about 110 people from as far away as Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Indiana, Albuquerque and England. This was so much fun, I wish I could stay here all summer. Thank you to Ian from Arizona for stopping by. Maybe I'll see you in Cave Creek before too long. Red River needs a sixties festival complete with tie dye shirts and painted micro buses.


rseibert said...

Wish I was there. Ate at Ruffino's in DeSoto Texas, and you are on the Bill for the 18th and 19th of July. There is a posting at the door. Don't forget my Fritz Davis albums. I got this blog from my google alert for Philip John Brooks.

Philip John Brooks said...

Thanks Ray for the comments. Fritz has a new Cd, plus he re-released one he did sometime in the last century, (about 1990). It also has some great songs on it. I will bring both with me when I come to Dallas.