Monday, July 14, 2008

The Porcupine Quill Blues

This has been a hectic but satisfying week. I started out at the Community House in Red River. This was for the Historical Society and there were about forty five people in attendance. Thursday I was back at the fabulous Adobe Bar in Taos. I met folks from all over, including Canada, California, Oklahoma and Scotland.

Friday I drove up to Florissant, Colorado to the Thunderbird. This time I set up outside. There is sand in front of the stage and when it got dark it was like performing on the beach. On Saturday I went to the Freshwater Saloon in Guffey. I wasn't sure what time my hours were, so I arrived right at noon. There were several groups there and Suzanne suggested I start right away. I ended up playing from about 12:30PM until 8:00Pm. Quite a marathon, but still very enjoyable.

After loading the Subaru I set out for Salida. My intentions were to spend the night there and meet friends the next day. Unfortunately the places I usually stay had "no Vacancy" signs so I decided to drive back to Red River. Just south of Fort Garland my car was attacked by a porcupine. Look at the photograph. I finally arrived home at 2:00Am.

Sunday Fritz and I played on the deck at Mountain Treasures. There were many friends from Texas, some I haven't seen all summer. Fritz was in Albuquerque this week and he picked up my bass guitar from Pimentel. It is a Cort fretless electric bass and I had bought it for my son John. Both John and I came to the conclusion that we needed frets so I had asked Rick Pimentel if he would fret it for me, which he did. Thanks Rick, for a very fine job.

On Tuesday I will be heading back to Georgia and I'm looking forward to seeing Rita, Melissa and Eddie at Sugarmill creek.

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