Monday, January 29, 2007

Stepp dg1... More information.

I promised to post some more about the stepp dg1. There have been quite a few hits from interested people from as far away as Japan. If you have never seen one up close I hope you find these photo's of interest. Initially, it could only be played with a metal pick but that problem was soon solved with a software update. It has two sets of strings, both made of stainless steel. I still have the original strings from the late eighties.
On the second photo I have removed the cover to expose the sensors on the "body" strings. These sensors help determine which strings have been plucked, and at what velocity. The strings are of all the same thickness and tension is adjusted to suit the individual player. I had a problem of "phantom triggering" caused probably, by static electricity. I was able to overcome most of this by holding strings I wasn't playing. There is an allen key under the head cover for adjusting string tension.
The body is quite thin, similar to a Fender Telecaster. It does generate some heat but it's not uncomfortable.
The guitar plugs into the stand which they refer to as the life support system. This is a really cool instrument and I'm looking forward to playing it once again, especially in the studio. As I think of more features etc. I'll post more on this. I hope you find it useful.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Savannah, Georgia.

Today we went to Savannah. It was cool, around 50deg and a little breezy. Still it was comfortable walking weather. Hopefully this visit will help with the song. The port seemed busy with a few large ships heading out into the Atlantic. Also a quick trip to Tybee Island, then to Fort Jackson right before it closed for the day. About 15 years ago I drove down to Savannah with my bagpiper friend Mark to attend the Highland Games at Fort Jackson. It's located right on the banks of the river. While I was watching the Highland dancers, I happened to turn around and see an old fashioned paddleboat go up the river. "An interesting combination", I remember thinking.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Here we are in Hilton Head. This is the view from my window.
A side trip is planned to Savannah for the purpose of completing the song that has been bugging me since I started it in 1999. This will be on the new album as well as the song Harbor Town. On the way down here I noticed the temperature is 30deg. warmer than home. Today is overcast but still very nice. More later...

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Here is the Beef Baron after everyone went home. Last week was my last weekend there. This past week has been my first week off in, well I don't remember, but it felt good. My next booking is on Valentine's day. I intend to do less "one nighters" this year and more of the specialty type bookings. Tomorrow I'm going to the coast for a vacation. I'm still working on the new album and hope to complete the words to the rest of the songs while I'm gone. I will try to periodically update the blog, but it won't be at the same rate as in the past.
I did notice that the posting about the Stepp dg1 created some interest and I'll try to post more about that soon. Thanks everyone for your interest. More soon...

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Brody and the Porcupine.

The Porcupine Quill Blues is coming along. This is a song I wrote about a hike up Goose Creek trail. As you can see, Brody was the unfortunate recipient of a gift from the porcupine.
I'm encouraged by the progress I'm making. These songs are about England, the coast of South Carolina and Georgia, and also of New Mexico and certain famous visitors there.
I would also like some more songs about Colorado, and there's still time to do that..... Who knows where this third cd will lead.

Philip John Brooks - Solo album #3

Here we are in 2007. I sense this will be a very good year. After having relaxed for the last couple of weeks, I'm back in the studio and doing a bunch of tedious technical reading plus some recording. Actually the "2480" is quite amazing in it's depth and scope. Unfortunately this requires a lot of non artistic work. The Neumann U87 is incredible in it's clarity. I'm recording these new songs three at a time and hoping to have most of this album done by the end of the month. There's still some writing to be completed and two of these new songs I find particularly interesting. So far "Dodging the Waves, Deep Peace and Country Girl" are coming along nicely.