Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Last night I spent the night in Mt Vernon, Illinois. Tonight, after around a 700 mile drive, I'm in Burlington, Colorado, after driving through a very bad storm. The weather service said to expect golfball sized hail and winds in excess of 70mph. I didn't encounter any of that but in Goodland, Kansas, they had enough hail they had to bring the snow ploughs out.
Tomorrow I'll amble down to Colorado Springs and on to Salida. It should be a nice relaxing drive. Not like today. M.L.

Friday, May 26, 2006

The Basket Peddler

Here I am performing at the Basket Peddler in Cornelia on 25th, May 2006. The deck is brand new and as you can see, really, really nice. Mike and Jean are very proud of it. It is completely enclosed with windows all the way around that can be opened during nice weather. Now I can have breakfast on the deck year round. The event was a wine tasting, featuring the wines of Wolf Mountain Vineyards of Dahlonega, Georgia.
For the musicians reading, I'm Playing a custom built nylon strung guitar from Pimentel in Albuquerque. The mic is a Neumann KMS105. The amplifier is an acoustic Carvin, AG100D, and finally a little Vox T-25 Bass amplifier for the pedals. All very small and lightweight.
Tomorrow night (saturday) I'll be back at Sugarmill Creek at Lake Burton.

One less job.

Well John took and passed his driver's test on wednesday and then bought this really nice Scion. It's rated at 38mpg on the highway. I wouldn't mind one myself. Anyway it looks like my chauffering days may be over.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Altitudes Restaurant, Red River, New Mexico.

Even more bookings. This time in Red River. Altitudes Restaurant is doing a "lunch in the Park" on 4th, July. I shall be performing for that and then later at the restaurant for dinner. This should be a really nice day, plus I will get to see the Parade. It looks like there is a lot happening in the town of Red River this summer. I really appreciate those cool morning temperatures. If you live in Texas this is a great place to escape some of that summer heat.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Eske's Brew Pub. Taos, New Mexico

The latest addition to the summer tour is Eske's in Taos. The date.. Friday 23rd, June. I have dined at Eske's several times and the food is great. I also like his chili beer, brewed on the spot. If you're in town please stop in.
Last night I was at Sugarmill. We had a very heavy rain around 10:30pm but had taken the precaution of setting up under shelter. It was still a nice evening, plus we got to watch the lightning dance around. Today is a mix of sunny skies and surprise rain showers. Rabun County averages over 80" of rain in a year and the vegetation is
like they said in yellow submarine "A sea of green" Very easy on the eyes.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

More on the tour.

I will be performing at the St. James Hotel in Cimarron on 30th, June. I intend to stir up some of those ghosts (at least in song) for which it is so famous. Tuesday 27th, I'll be at the Buffalo Nickel Art Gallery, also in Cimarron. Check the web page, I'm still adding venues. I hope I get to see Scout Troop 24 from Cornelia Ga. They will be hiking at Philmont Scout Ranch in early June. Philip earned his "eagle" with them. Have a great trip guys.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Summer tour 2006

At the moment my summer tour starts on the 2nd, June at Bongo Billy's Salida Cafe in Salida, Colorado. From there to the Plaza in Taos on the 8th. This is an open air show that I'm really looking forward to. On the 9th, I am back in Colorado at the Thunderbird in Florissant, then Cimarron, New Mexico on the 10th, followed by Mountain Treasures in Red River on the 11th.
The complete schedule is to be found on my website under upcoming events. Bookings are being added all the time so please check frequently.
I got an e-mail today from my good friend Bill Loughner. His favourite song on the new album is "I'm the Coyote". Have a safe trip to Charleston Bill.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Hilton Head Island

Had a very relaxing week at Hilton Head. It was warm, sunny and nice to sit on the porch and watch the boats pass by. Hilton Head is behind the times as far as internet connections are concerned.(Maybe that's part of the charm?) I finally discovered Java Joe's with good iced coffee and free internet service. Then on saturday both John and Wendy graduated from Piedmont with honours. Congratulations to both of you..
Saturday night I was performing at Sugarmill Creek with a nice crowd which included some dancers. The weather was warm and he rain held off until Sunday.
I will be working in Florida in September. Funny, but I've never worked there before.