Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Ranch Steak House, Cedar Hill, Texas.

I'm back at the Ranch Steak House tonight and also tomorrow night. That's September, 23rd and 24th. Start time is at 6:00PM. Come and join us.
On September, 25th and 26th you'll find me back in Willie Nelson's Blue skies Cafe at Carl's Corner, Texas. A very exciting week..

Aspencade 2009.

Aspencade 2009 was a big success. The weather was perfect with three days of sunshine and no rain until around 5:00PM on Sunday. I stayed in Red River until Tuesday morning when I set out for Dallas, Texas. It snowed some on Monday night. Just a little portend of what's to come.

The Houndogs also appeared at Aspencade and here's a photo of Michael Smith and I sharing a joke.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wednesday, Sept 16th at the Ranch Steakhouse.

Come see me this Wednesday, the 16th, at the Ranch Steakhouse in Cedar Hill, Texas. Great food, service, atmosphere and a lot of fabulous art on the walls.
The Ranch Steakhouse is located near the junction of Highway 67 and Wintergreen. Start time is 6:00PM.