Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Night Life Theater, Willie's Place, Carl's Corner, Texas.

The Night Life Theater was fabulous. The occasion was Johnny Bush's 75th birthday. The first photo shows me, Johnny and Willie.

Here I am during my performance. It was a sold out crowd of around 600. Seats were even placed on the dance floor. It felt strange to do a show by myself knowing I would be followed by a nine piece band.

Johnny Rodriguez also performed but I didn't get to see him because I went to do another show in the Blue Skies cafe. All in all, it was a very satisfying week.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Amarillo to Red River

What a nice drive from Amarillo to Red River. To see the prairie covered in snow is like being in the arctic. I saw a herd of antelope, then bison and then a herd of over 100 elk just outside Ute Park.

Cimarron Canyon was spectacular in the snow. The next morning my car was covered. I walked out to breakfast at Mountain Treasures. It was good to see all my Red River friends again.