Friday, September 26, 2008

The Aspencade Festival

The first time I got close to antelopes was in Ardmore, South Dakota. It was dusk and I was driving through downtown when a small herd ran across the dirt road in front of me. At first I thought they were someone's goats. The one's in the photograph were grazing in a pasture by the side of the road in Springer, New Mexico.

My last bookings on this trip were in the park for Aspencade, a three day event. I also performed one afternoon with the Houndogs featuring Mike, Jeff and John. Aspencade is held in celebration of the changing of the aspen leaves. Once more I get to see and enjoy two falls this year.

And yes, there are snakes at 10,000 feet.

The Days of 1895... Red River, New Mexico

"The Days of 1895" is a celebration of the founding of Red River as a town. Everyone dresses up in period dress and it's quite a spectacular sight. I performed a concert on the porch of the Community House and went on to the Double C in Cimarron. This is a really nice restaurant with great food. It was once called Kit Carson's, but now has new decor and a new owner.

I was on the stage in the park singing my song "The St. James Hotel" when I was accosted by Clay Allison. He was actually the great grand nephew of Clay Allison, the gun fight/rancher who spent many days in the bar at the St. James.

I also managed to fit in another engagement at the Adobe Bar in Taos. It's known as the living room of Taos. My friend Bob showed up. I see him all over the place. last time was at Bongo Billy's in Salida, Colorado. He was on his way to Greenville, South Carolina. Safe travels Bob.

Michael Hearne's Big Barn Dance

On September, 5th I performed at The Big Barn Dance. It was held at the Old Blinking Light in Taos, known locally as the O.B.L. My show went very well and I was called back for an encore. I got to see many musician friends, plus meet others for the first time. Thank you Michael Hearne for all your hard work in making this the premium event in Taos.

The Ridges, Hayesville, North Carolina

On Monday, September, 1st I performed for a private group at the Ridges in Hayesville, North Carolina. The views overlooking the golf course were incredible. The interior would fit perfectly in the rockies with each room decorated with a Native American motif.

The next morning I set out for Dallas, Texas, then on to Red River to appear at Michael Hearne's Big Barn Dance.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Silver Star Mine

I spent all day yesterday in the Carson National Forest taking photographs etc. for the video of the Silver Star Mine. It was located up Goose Lake Road above Red River. It tells the story of the unfortunate miner who lived there in the cabin. The story is told by a pair of ravens who live close by.
Thank you to Ron Weathers for the use of two of your fabulous snow photographs. Also thank you to Ray Seibert who agreed to portray the miner.