Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mardi Gras in Red River 2009

What a good weekend in Red River. Mardi Gras in the mountains.

Friday night I performed at the log community house for the annual family dance. This is an opportunity for parents and grand parents to dance with the kids.This building has been here since first erected by folks in Red River I believe, back in the forties.
Thanks to everyone who helped. The decorations and refreshments were really good. Thanks also to Eddie and Barbara Dry, my contacts and good neighbours in Red River.

Saturday was equally entertaining. This was at the Lift House Bar with many people. The two brothers in the photo are from Albuquerque and both returned safely after having served in Iraq.

Tonight I relax and in the morning head for Amarillo, Texas. By my standards, that's just a short day's drive. Looking forward to seeing everyone again when I return in June. Take care Red River.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Adobe Bar, Taos. February, 17th. 2009

The Adobe Bar is known as "the living room of Taos". I'm starting to think of it as the living room of the world. Several years ago, I met people there who had seen me perform at the Dolphin Bar in Cleveleys, England, during the sixties. This past Tuesday, I played a bluegrass piece and noticed a man buck dancing. I thought to myself that he had to be from the south. It turned out that he was from Dillard, Georgia and is my neighbour. He is about to move into a house on Lake Rabun, while I live just up the road on Lake Burton. This world seems to get smaller all the time.

Sorry there are no photographs, but my official photographer, Ray, decided to stay in Dallas, where it is much warmer.

Many thanks to the couples who made the effort to come and join me once more at the fabulous Adobe Bar in Taos, New Mexico

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thunderbird in Florissant, Bongo Billy's, Salida and Red River

I've been really lucky, just missing snow storms etc and having to cross Monarch Pass twice in less than a week. The Thunderbird was great. Thanks to my friends from Pueblo for attending. Also thanks to Russ and Lavanna for booking me. Bongo Billy's in Salida was next and it was another wonderful night. That's two valentines in a row I have performed there. I have already booked Bongo Billy's for a return visit on June, 26th. Please mark it on your calendar.

On Sunday I awoke with a sore throat that lasted all day. I drove on to Red River and have rested for a couple of days. Tonight I'll be in Taos at the Adobe Bar and I feel much better. Mike, I'll try to remember to take photographs of your favourite house in Taos. You know, the one with broken glass on top of the wall. More soon, Philip.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ouray, Colorado

This afternoon I drove to Ouray to talk with some people about bookings for my summer tour.

The last time I was here was 1999 and I had forgotten how beautiful it is. The mountains will take your breath away.

I replaced my worn out Ouray t-shirt.

Tomorrow morning I'm going back over Moanarch Pass to Florissant for my Friday show at the Thunderbird. Looking forward to seeing my friends from Pueblo. Saturday morning it's a drive to Bongo Billy's Salida Cafe for Valentine's day.

The Smuggler's Brew Pub

The "Smuggler's" went really well. I look forward to coming back, hopefully this coming summer.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Smuggler's Brew Pub, Montrose, Colorado

Yesterday I came over Monarch Pass. There was snow up there but conditions were not too bad. I did see some cars that had left the road,one with people inside looking bewildered. They were safe having only slid in to a snow bank.

Today I'm in Montrose and it has snowed all day. The roads are clear. Tonight I will perform at the Smuggler's Brew Pub on Ogden St. I start at 7:00PM. Please stop by.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Mike and I had a great night at McCabe's in Colorado Springs. We will have to do this again. We were both using Bose Systems and we are still very impressed with them.

The second photograph shows Pikes Peak, which will soon be covered with snow. After the show today at Green Mountain Falls, I will head over Monarch Pass for my Tuesday show at the Smugglers in Montrose.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

McCabe's in Colorado Springs

Last Night I performed at McCabe's in Colorado Springs. A great time with a lively crowd. I'm back there tonight with Mike Smith. Tomorrow is at the Pine Gables in Green Mountain Falls.
I have Monday off, then on Tuesday I'll be at the "Smugglers" in Montrose, Colorado.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Garden of the Gods

Today Mike Smith and I went to the Garden of the Gods. As much time as I have spent in Colorado Springs I had not visited there before. What a fabulous place.
There has been a change of venue for tonight, the 6th. I will be at McCabe's on Tejon St. in Colorado Springs.
The second photograph shows David Michael Smith. He's a musician friend of mine. Originally from Amarillo, we met in Red River. Mike is a regular at McCabe's. If you're in Colorado Springs, stop by to see him.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

ACAPULCO'S, DeSoto, Texas

Whenever I'm in DeSoto, I look forward to going to Acapulco's for breakfast. Great food and service. This is a very popular restaurant with the locals and I feel right at home here.

Bienvenidos, Lancaster, Texas

Bienvenidos was really good. The room has excellent acoustics and a nice stage. I saw many of my friends from the old Ruffino restaurant and got to say hello. I will be back at Bienvenidos on Tuesday, February, 24th for Mardi Gras. Come if you can.
Today is a day of resting and tomorrow I will be heading for Colorado Springs.
More soon.... Keep checking back, PJB.