Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hi Folks, It seems like a long time since I updated my blog. After arriving back in Red River, I set out for DeSoto, Texas. I was saddened to learn that Ruffino Restorante was closing. I shall be looking for a new venue in the Dallas area.

I have been at Sugarmill Creek and Laprades this past week. My friends Randy and Vanessa visited from Santa Fe. We spent all of Friday afternoon on Lake Burton. They really enjoyed Sugarmill Creek and all my friends there, plus we celebrated the birthday of David Sosebee with a big feast. All the food was provided by visitors and locals. We had some great "buck" dancers to delight my visitors.

This week I have another new venue. It is the Old Hiawassee Grill on Lake Chatuge. The north Georgia lakes are really beautiful at this time of year.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Porcupine Quill Blues

This has been a hectic but satisfying week. I started out at the Community House in Red River. This was for the Historical Society and there were about forty five people in attendance. Thursday I was back at the fabulous Adobe Bar in Taos. I met folks from all over, including Canada, California, Oklahoma and Scotland.

Friday I drove up to Florissant, Colorado to the Thunderbird. This time I set up outside. There is sand in front of the stage and when it got dark it was like performing on the beach. On Saturday I went to the Freshwater Saloon in Guffey. I wasn't sure what time my hours were, so I arrived right at noon. There were several groups there and Suzanne suggested I start right away. I ended up playing from about 12:30PM until 8:00Pm. Quite a marathon, but still very enjoyable.

After loading the Subaru I set out for Salida. My intentions were to spend the night there and meet friends the next day. Unfortunately the places I usually stay had "no Vacancy" signs so I decided to drive back to Red River. Just south of Fort Garland my car was attacked by a porcupine. Look at the photograph. I finally arrived home at 2:00Am.

Sunday Fritz and I played on the deck at Mountain Treasures. There were many friends from Texas, some I haven't seen all summer. Fritz was in Albuquerque this week and he picked up my bass guitar from Pimentel. It is a Cort fretless electric bass and I had bought it for my son John. Both John and I came to the conclusion that we needed frets so I had asked Rick Pimentel if he would fret it for me, which he did. Thanks Rick, for a very fine job.

On Tuesday I will be heading back to Georgia and I'm looking forward to seeing Rita, Melissa and Eddie at Sugarmill creek.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Busy week!!!!

I have a busy week coming up. Wednesday - Red River Historical Society at the Community House, Thursday - The Adobe Bar in Taos, Friday - The Thunderbird in Florissant, Colorado, Saturday - The Freshwater Saloon in Guffey, Colorado. Finally if I can make it back to Red River, I'll be on the deck with Fritz Davis at Mountain Treasures for our last booking together this summer. Next week I head for Texas and three days at the fabulous Ruffino Restorante on Hampton in DeSoto. Wow !!! this tour has gone by quickly.....

Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Beatles and other sixties music.

I once again played on the porch at the Community House. My friend Fritz Davis Challenged me to play all different music on my second night in a row at the Community House and I took him up on the challenge. I played all fifties and sixties music from Buddy Holly and Eddy Cochran, to the Beatles and Eric Clapton. It was well received and I had many voices joining in on the choruses. We had about 110 people from as far away as Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Indiana, Albuquerque and England. This was so much fun, I wish I could stay here all summer. Thank you to Ian from Arizona for stopping by. Maybe I'll see you in Cave Creek before too long. Red River needs a sixties festival complete with tie dye shirts and painted micro buses.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Community house in Red River, New Mexico

As soon as the parade was over I performed on the deck at Mountain Treasures, then later, on the porch of the Community House to two happy and enthusiastic audiences.
Later Jean, Mike and I went back to the house and enjoyed some Black Beauty wine from Black Mesa Winery. It's chocolate flavoured and incredibly tasty.

Red River, 4th of July

July, 4th is a great time to be in Red River. The parade starts at 10.00AM and usually takes over an hour to pass by. There is so much enthusiasm to be seen amongst the participants and onlookers. Hope you all had a great July, 4th.

My friends Mike and Jean Armstrong stopped by to spend some time with me in Red River. Thank you Mike and Jean for coming all the way from Cornelia, Georgia. I hope you enjoyed your stay... The truth is I have talked so much about Red River that they had to come and see for themselves.

I need to mention my friend Dan Arterburn. He plays multiple instruments up at the cowboy evening on Bobcat Pass and has been there ever since I met him around 1992. That's Dan with his banjo on the front of the covered wagon.

Santa Fe and the Tin Star Saloon.

On June 26th, I was at Paige's house in Santa Fe. That evening we went over to Tom and Colleen's house for dinner. We had a really nice time and made some new friends.

The next night I was at the Tin Star Saloon and there were at least four people present that have been featured in the songs on the Canyon Road CD. The Tin Star was also celebrating their second year in business. A good night was had by all.

Saturday morning I had to drive back to Red River to perform at the Community house. Congratulation to Matt, Eddie and everyone else who is helping to make this summer so exciting for the kids and parents who live in, or are visiting Red River. This summer alone, they have over 300 events planned and participation is free to everyone.

Sunday I appeared on the deck at Mountain Treasures with Fritz Davis. He is so much fun. Fritz has two new CDs out and they will soon be available from CDbaby.