Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Beef Baron, Baldwin, Georgia.

Here I am at the Beef Baron in Baldwin. I shall be here every Friday and Saturday for a while. My thanks to the folks from Toccoa and Six Mile, S.C. for making the effort in driving over to see me. Last night was quite busy and the weather was so awful. Rain and thick fog, not a nice combination. Today is sunny and breezy. That's an improvement and it's appreciated.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Breakfast at the Basket Peddler.

There's no better way to start the day than Breakfast at the Basket Peddler. I can catch up on the news in the Journal and contemplate what the day may hold. Today is sunny once more. We seem to be alternating between summer and winter here in Georgia. Well, time to sort out equipment for the Beef Baron.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The mountains of Northeast Georgia.

It seems as though the leaves turned overnight. They even seemed to get more vivid as the day progressed. It was a rainy day and the perfect one to be in the mountains of Northeast Georgia. The first photo is of the river on the way to Tate City. The second is looking towards the cabin from Lake Burton.

Well it's back to Cornelia to prepare for Friday evening at the Beef Baron. I start around 7:00PM. It's been around 12 years since I last played there. I'm sure a lot has changed in that time.
Join me if you can make it.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Autumn, twice in one year.

I get to experience the fall twice this year. I have already watched the aspens in Colorado and New Mexico and now I'm back in time to witness the oaks and maples etc. in Georgia. Yesterday there appeared to be quite a heavy frost around Lake Burton. Still as late as it is, most trees are only just beginning to change. Tonight it's raining. Something that was needed back in the summer.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Back to Sugarmill Creek

I just completed my first engagement since arriving back in Georgia. The people are so nice at Sugarmill and I'd like to thank Melissa and Rita for being so understanding of my wandering nature. It was unusually cool for this time of year but there was still a good crowd of dedicated attendees. I played through about 10:30 then Robert, Linda, Mary and Lou and I retired to the lakehouse for coffee and to warm up. We talked til around midnight.
This morning I went for breakfast at the Bateville store, as usual. As I walked out of the cabin I noticed the temperature was 38. The fields on the way, where the sun had not yet reached, were white from frost. When I returned I lit a fire and had a lazy day just working on new songs. Now, if every weekend could be like this.....

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Riding home to Georgia

From Bobcat Pass I dropped down into the Moreno Valley. The mountains, including Baldy are obscured by the low cloud. In some of the minor breaks I noticed there was snow up there.
From here I carried on driving through Amarillo, Texas and spent the night in Memphis, Texas. I went throught Ft. Worth around 2:00pm the next day and spent Tuesday night in Louisiana, arriving home wednesday around 9:00pm. The trip was a total of 1566 miles.
Today I talked with Fred Schlagel who is re-opening the Beef Baron next week. I shall be playing there most Fridays until the end of the year. Fred, I wish you well with the "New Beef Baron". The Beef Baron is located on old 441, just south of Baldwin.

Bongo Billy's Salida Cafe.

The booking Bongo Billy's Salida cafe went well. What a pleasure it is to perform in Colorado. I stayed in Salida from Thursday til Saturday. Performing Friday afternoon, Friday Night and Saturday lunch. Thanks to all the folks who listened and also bought cd's. Saturday evening I set out for my house in Red River. Monday lunch I left for Cimarron and then on to Georgia. That's a 1566 mile journey.The photo shows the view on highway 50, east of Salida. The Arkansas River flows along by the road.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The D.H. Lawrence Ranch.

The road to the Lawrence Ranch. I'm fascinated with this place. There seems to be something magic here like the shadows on the mountains and the clouds on that clear blue sky. I have visited several times and look forward to going back. The ranch is about five miles up this dirt road.
This photo shows the tiny cabin that Dorothy Brett stayed in when she was visiting with D.H. and his wife. The famous Lawrence tree is off to my right and right in front of the cabin where D.H. spent his time writing.

Aspencade.. Red River, 2006

This was a three day event and a great success. The weather was perfect with blue skies and warm temperatures. I met lots of people and sold many cd's. None of the speakers in the foreground were mine. I relied on the Bose system and it did an exceptional job. I hope to be able to locate some more photo's a little later. I'll post them when I do.

The Adobe Bar, Taos, New Mexico.

The Adobe Bar is located at the Taos Inn and has quite a history.
Thanks to Nic Knight for booking me and the rest of the folks for making me feel at home and selling the cd's. Thanks to Ray and Jeane for taking the photographs.
Taos is a really cool place with interesting museums and art galleries. J.D. Challenger has his gallery about a hundred yards from the Adobe Bar.

It is called the "living room of Taos" and I can believe it. I met people from England who were familiar with the old Dolphin Bar in Cleveleys. There were folks from all over the country plus locals. The night went very well.
I really enjoyed the Adobe Bar and look forward to going back.

Red River

I arrived in Red River on Wednesday th 20th, September. The next morning it snowed and also the day after. Then it was back to Santa Fe to play at the Tin Star.
The next day I was at Ronnie Lee's in Taos and also for Sunday brunch. The shows went well and on Sunday brunch I set up outside. This is a very nice restaurant and well worth a visit.