Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mountain Treasures in Red River.

This morning I did what I do most mornings in Red River, I went to Mountain Treasures for breakfast. It's a delight to sit outside and watch the world go by. In the space of an hour, it seems like the whole town stops by for coffee, or a trip to the bank next door. At 2:00PM it's a very comfortable 73 deg. today.

Tomorrow I'm going to Santa Fe and it will be noticeably hotter down there.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Freshwater Saloon, Guffey, Colorado

On July, 11th I'll be back at the Thunderbird in Forissant, followed by The Freshwater Saloon in Guffey on the 12th. This is a new venue for me and I'm looking forward to being there.

Bongo Billy's in Salida is always a treat and I renewed friendships there from past visits. Thank you Clark Roberts for providing this venue on the banks of the beautiful Arkansas River. Bongo Billy's is always one of the highlights of my visits to Colorado.

After Breakfast on Sunday I reluctantly left Colorado and set out for Taos, New Mexico. In Taos I went for a radio interview on K-tao. This is a 100,000 watt solar powered radio station. I was interviewed by Rick Destafano, played some songs live and played some tracks from the Canyon Road CD. At the end of the show Rick and I retired to the Old Blinking Light (OBL) for a glass of wine and a chat. Then it was back to Red River to catch up on my sleep.

Salida, Colorado

Thursday, I left for Colorado. I stayed the night at the Woodlands Motel in Salida. It's a really nice, clean place within walking distance of downtown.

The next morning, after a nice breakfast at Bongo Billy's, I was interviewed on K-HEN by Jane Carpenter. We played some CD tracks and I performed some songs live. You can see from the photograph that Salida is a vibrant, attractive town.

Then it was off to perform at the Thunderbird in Florissant via HWY 50 following the Arkansas River. It is such a beautiful drive. As always, the Thunderbird was a lot of fun. Thanks to Doug, Elaine, family, and friends from St. Louis, for dropping by.
I spent the night in Woodland Park (The City above the Clouds) before heading back to Salida.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Panning for gold

I spent the last two afternoons panning for gold with my friends Ray and Ron. I don't know if we really found any or not. That wasn't important. It was just a good excuse to play in the dirt, something I haven't done since I was a kid. One thing for certain, the creeks were cold once we approached 10,000 feet.

The mountains around Red River are so beautiful and quiet. There were no atv's in the middle of the week, just an occasional hiker or mountain biker. We found old miner's cabins, groves of Aspen trees, wild flowers and mountain views. This was a welcome break after the last eleven hectic days.

Tomorrow I'll be heading for Colorado with an interview on K-HEN in Salida on Friday morning, The Thunderbird in Florissant Friday night and Bongo Billy's Salida cafe on Saturday night.

Monday, June 16, 2008

New Mexico Sunset

This was the sunset in Red River on Saturday, 14th of June. Wherever we happen to be, if we see a sky like this, it always carries us back us back to New Mexico. A New Mexico sunset.

Red River, Fathers Day Weekend.

It was a very busy weekend and very satisfying. Friday evening I played Mountain Treasures. Saturday was in Brandenburg Park for the Fine Art & Wine festival followed by Timbers Restaurant that Night.

Sunday was back to the park and finally rushing over to Mountain Treasures to perform with Jeff and Fritz. I'm tired but with a good night's sleep, I'll look forward to going prospecting in the morning.

Thank you Ray for taking the photographs...

Friday, June 13, 2008

Taos, New Mexico

This has been a good week. Tuesday I was at the Adobe Bar, with a good, lively crowd who enjoyed the songs of New Mexico and later sang along to Beatles songs.
Thursday I performed on the Plaza. The official counter, Ronny Lee, told me there were 1000 people in attendance. It was a really good evening. It was also the debut of J.D. Challenger's rock & roll band. They were really good and we had many dancers.
Tonight I'll be at one of my favourite places, Mountain Treasures in Red River. It is a special event for all the participants in the Fine Art and Wine Festival.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

St James Hotel, Las Vegas, New Mexico and K.S.F.R. Santa Fe

I just returned to Red River afte a mini tour. I started with the Historical Society in Cimarron where I renewed friendships made last year. From there I went to perform at the haunted St. James Hotel. A GREAT AUDIENCE !!! I stayed there that night in a room over the bullet holes in the ceiling. I didn't see any ghosts, but did have a strange dream. It was a good stay and a great breakfast the next morning.

After breakfast, I left for Las Vegas via I-25. This was my birthday and what a nice way to spend it. I enjoyed my visit to Las Vegas, meeting many very nice and interesting people and admiring the many historic buildings. Thanks to Teresa at the Traveler's Cafe for giving me the opportunity to perform there. I look forward to returning sometime soon. Saturday night after the gig, I left for Santa Fe to stay with friends.
Sunday evening I was invited to be the co host with Randy Forrester on his "Gotta Dance" show. It was broadcast by K.S.F.R. public radio in Santa Fe and could be heard worldwide via the internet. Thank you Randy. I really like your "global warming" shirt.
Monday I drove back to Red River, stopping briefly at the "old Blinking light" in Taos, and talking with Michael Hearne. Tonight I will be back in Taos at the Adobe Bar located in the historic Taos Inn.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Gotta Dance, Santa Fe Public Radio.

I climbed out of bed this morning, peeped out of the window and.... it was snowing, snowing hard. It covered my car and the rooftops. Altough it melted as the day warmed, it has continued to snow on and off all day. You can never tell what the weather will bring to Red River.

This Sunday, Randy Forrester has invited me to be his co host on the Sunday evening 'Gotta Dance" programme. That is exciting and I invite you to listen in via the internet on K.S.F.R,s website. Time is 7:00PM Mountain time.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Cimarron, New Mexico

Monday morning I left DeSoto at 5:15AM and got through Fort Worth before the rush hour.
I stopped in Decatur for breakfast then proceeded to Amarillo. The temperature was in the low 100's with the wind blowing just like it always does in the Texas panhandle.

After reaching New Mexico, crossing I-25 and heading toward Cimarron, I came across this herd of buffalo on the Vermejo Ranch. I didn't count, but there were probably between 50 and 75 in total. I arrived in Red River around 6:00PM eagerly looking forward to my Rocky Mountain tour.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Ruffino, DeSoto, Texas

I left Georgia Thursday morning at 5:00AM and drove through to DeSoto. When I arrived it was 9:00PM and I had driven 888 miles. Friday, Saturday and Sunday lunch I performed at Ruffino Restaurant on Hampton Road in DeSoto with great crowds and many people I know from Red River.

In the morning I'm leaving for "Red", a few days rest and then on to Cimarron and the start of a busy June. On June, 8th I'll will be appearing on Santa fe Public radio show 'Gotta dance". You can hear it LIVE on the internet on the K.S.F.R. website. The time is 7:00PM mountain time and 9:00PM Eastern time.
Come to Red River and enjoy cool night time temperatures. I'll be looking for you at the Fine Art and Wine Festival, June, 14th and 15th in Brandenburg Park, Red River, New Mexico.