Friday, August 29, 2008

Lake Burton and tropical storm Fae.

The level of lake Burton must have raised about two feet at one point this week. All thanks to tropical storm Fae. We really need all that rain. My boat (with red cover) is still tied up to the dock, only the dock is still under the water. It has receded some and I have to watch to make sure the level doesn't go down leaving the boat on the dock. This morning is bright and sunny with a very moderate 66 deg.
last night I was in Young Harris at the Old Hiawassee Grill. Tonight Sugarmill Creek, Saturday the Chop House in Murphy and Monday, a private function in Hayesville, NC.
Tuesday morning I have to leave early and drive to Dallas. Wednesday I will drive to Red River. Friday the 5th, I'm appearing at Michael Hearnes Barn Dance at the Old Blinking Light in Taos, New Mexico. On Saturday I go to Albuquerque to appear at Olive. A big week with lots of travel. Have a great Labor Day weekend!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Taos Plaza Concert 2008

I received a package today from John Denne of Penasco, New Mexico. He kindly sent me copies of photographs he had taken during the Concert on the Plaza in Taos this past June. This was a wonderful evening with 1000 people in attendance. Thank you so much John. There is a CD in the mail for you, Philip.

I look forward to being back in Taos for Michael Hearne's Big Barn Dance the first weekend of September. On the 6th, September I have a new venue in Albuquerque. I will post more information on the upcoming "mini tour" in a few days.

Murphy, North Carolina

This past week was really good. I started at Sugarmill, then The Old Hiawassee grill, before going on to The Murphy Chop House. New places to perform are always exciting. The Chop House was no exception. I performed on a really nice deck with a great audience.

The first photograph was taken from a scenic overlook on Hwy. 76. This was between Lake Burton and the Little mountain town of Hiawassee. the second photograph was taken at the Chop House in Murphy, North Carolina. Yes this was my first performance in that state. I'll be back at the Chop House on Saturdays through the end of the month and back again in October.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Murphy Chop House, Murphy, North Carolina

This coming Saturday I have another new venue. It's located in Murphy, North Carolina. The restaurant has only been open for a couple of weeks. The name is "The Murphy Chop House" and it's right downtown. When I think about it, this may be my first booking ever in North Carolina. This week... Thursday The Old Hiawassee grill, Friday Sugarmill Creek, then Saturday in Murphy.

On Sunday my Scottish friend John is joining me and we are taking the boat out on Lake Burton. I'll try to post photographs later this week.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

LaPrades Marina, overlooking Lake Burton.

For almost ten years I performed at the Primetime in Seneca, South Carolina. During that time I made a lot of friends. I have managed to stay in touch with many. A big thank you to all who took the time to drive all the way to LaPrades this past Saturday. It was a joy to see you all. Thank you!!!

I have a new video posted on you tube called "The Dolphin Bar" Check out this link

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Old Hiawassee Grill

I'm back at LaPrades Marina on lake Burton(top Picture). I was there Sunday lunch, Tuesday for a private dinner, and I'll be back on the deck this coming Saturday.

The second photograph is at Sugarmill Creek. I will be there every Friday this month. It's good to be back and I always look forward to Sugarmill on the deck.

I have a new venue. It is the Old Hiawassee Grill on Lake Chatuge near Young Harris and Hiawassee, Georgia. Lake Chatuge stretches way up into North Carolina. I'd love to put the boat in on this lake. This is a good venue and I will be here every Thursday through the month of August.

The fourth photograph shows the view of the lake from the porch. You can sit out here for dinner and still enjoy the music. If you're in the area, please stop by and say "Hello".