Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sunday and Cimarron Canyon.

Today we went to the St. James for lunch. The temperature in Cimarron Canyon was 40 deg. Hailstones covering the road looked just like snow. There was also a very hard rain which must have lasted for several hours. It's desperately needed here in this extremely dry summer. Tonight I was on the deck with Jeff and Fritz. We finished early because it was so cool. It's so amazing to leave the hot and humid weather of Georgia and experience this. Very enjoyable!!
Sunday was another wonderful day at the Fine Art and Wine Festival. After it was over everyone retired to the deck of Mountain Treasures to listen to Fritz and Fagan. I also sang a couple of songs.
Monday I was at the Sagebrush. It was my smallest audience on this tour but they were very enthusiastic. Congratulations to the couple from Belen who were celebrating their 35th, anniversary.
Tuesday I was in Angel Fire with Fritz at a Cd. signing. We performed together and had a very nice audience.
Wednesday, off to Colorado for a short rest and some cycling.
Friday was Eskes, a favourite Taos outdoor venue. I met some folks from Peru. Hello Orlando, Trish, Monica, Bruce, Kevin and Monica and Orlando's Dad. Also, hello to Gretchen and Cathryn. Hope you enjoyed your hike up Wheeler Peak.
Saturday was Altitudes for the wedding reception of Kelly and Vann. Congratulations!!! Sunday is back to Mountain Treaures to join Jeff and Fritz on the deck. Have a great weekend..

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Fine Art and Wine Festival, Red River N.M.

It really did cool off last night. The temperature this morning was 31 deg. All you folks in Texas and Okalahoma could have been up here enjoying this beautiful weather. It probably reached 75 deg. today. This has been the best festival yet. We have larger crowds more wineries and perfect weather. It was good to meet all the folks from last year again.
The Bose system was more than adequate to fill the park. I don't know what I was worried about. What an amazing system this is.
There is also another Pimentel guitar on order. Thanks to Rick Pimentel for all your help the other day. It will be ready in about eight months and will really be an instrument to be proud of, just like the others. In the photo I'm playing the guitar Alonzo made. More soon.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Altitudes Restaurant, Red River.

Friday night at Altitudes. This is the reception for the artistes and wineries at the festival in Red River this weekend. In the foreground are the owners of Roberto's and The Bull o' the Woods, both of Red River. As I was leaving I noticed the temperature was dropping quite fast. This was quite a party. Thanks to John and Tracie of Altitudes for helping to make this night such a success.

Monday, June 12, 2006

The Thunderbird Inn, Florissant, Colorado.

This was taken at the end of the night at the Thunderbird, Florissant, one of the friendliest towns in the Rockies. I'm looking forward to being back here sometime in the fall and performing both friday and saturday nights. I'll keep you posted. Thanks to Russ and Lavanna for making this venue such a nice place to play.

Ronnie Lee's Supper Club, Taos, New Mexico

I performed inside at Ronnie Lee's on saturday night and on the patio for sunday brunch. It is beautiful out here and I recommend sitting on the patio for lunch or dinner. Saturday lunch I was in Cimarron for the "Mule Days" It was quite windy but I was fortunate enough to have a sheltered place to play. Thanks to Vallerie for booking me. I'm looking forward to the "St James Hotel" on the 30th, June. I also ran into some friends of mine who own "Legendary Tee's" in Angel Fire. Hello Jennifer and Tony. Great to see you.
The weekend ended at Mountain Treasures where I performed with Fritz and Fagan. This is always an incredibly funny and entertaining gig, not only for the audience but also the performers. A busy week, but very satisfying.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Taos Plaza

This was a fun show with a good crowd. I even saw my friend "Dulcimer "Dan Arterburn in the audience. The show was partially visible over the internet via the webcam situated on the "Made in New Mexico Store" Unfortunately it was from the rear of the stage. This photo shows what it was like from the front.
This is a busy weekend for me.This morning I'm heading for Florissant, Colorado via Guffey. Saturday lunch I'm in Cimarron and saturday evening back in Taos. Have a good weekend.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

A view of Old downtown Salida.
The drive out here is about 1600 miles from Cornelia.The scenery in the last 200 is something to be seen. Temperatures have been around 85 during the day
but much cooler during the evening and morning.
Here's the Arkansas River. It is a place where everyone seems to spend at least part of their day. Quite a lively river!! The mountains are visible in the background. There are a lot of kayaks on this stretch, and people swimming. That water looks cold.
Here is a view of the rear deck at the Salida Cafe. Just to the right is the river. I did a sunday lunchtime show today. There were plenty of people and they really enjoyed the music. The last four days have been really nice and I hate to leave but I'm heading down to Red River in the morning so I have another great place to look forward to. Fritz and Jeff will be up here at Bongo Billy"s next friday. Many thanks to Clark Roberts for making this such a fabulous venue.More later.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Bongo Billy's, Salida, Colorado.

Here I am at Bongo Billy's. What a fantastic place this is. The scenary is beautiful, the people are friendly and appreciative and I feel right at home here. The food is great and the deck backs on to the Arkansas River.
I will try to post some more photo's before I leave. This is the most bicycle friendly town I've ever been to and sidewalks on almost every street. Very different from where I live. More later..