Tuesday, June 10, 2008

St James Hotel, Las Vegas, New Mexico and K.S.F.R. Santa Fe

I just returned to Red River afte a mini tour. I started with the Historical Society in Cimarron where I renewed friendships made last year. From there I went to perform at the haunted St. James Hotel. A GREAT AUDIENCE !!! I stayed there that night in a room over the bullet holes in the ceiling. I didn't see any ghosts, but did have a strange dream. It was a good stay and a great breakfast the next morning.

After breakfast, I left for Las Vegas via I-25. This was my birthday and what a nice way to spend it. I enjoyed my visit to Las Vegas, meeting many very nice and interesting people and admiring the many historic buildings. Thanks to Teresa at the Traveler's Cafe for giving me the opportunity to perform there. I look forward to returning sometime soon. Saturday night after the gig, I left for Santa Fe to stay with friends.
Sunday evening I was invited to be the co host with Randy Forrester on his "Gotta Dance" show. It was broadcast by K.S.F.R. public radio in Santa Fe and could be heard worldwide via the internet. Thank you Randy. I really like your "global warming" shirt.
Monday I drove back to Red River, stopping briefly at the "old Blinking light" in Taos, and talking with Michael Hearne. Tonight I will be back in Taos at the Adobe Bar located in the historic Taos Inn.

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