Thursday, June 05, 2008

Gotta Dance, Santa Fe Public Radio.

I climbed out of bed this morning, peeped out of the window and.... it was snowing, snowing hard. It covered my car and the rooftops. Altough it melted as the day warmed, it has continued to snow on and off all day. You can never tell what the weather will bring to Red River.

This Sunday, Randy Forrester has invited me to be his co host on the Sunday evening 'Gotta Dance" programme. That is exciting and I invite you to listen in via the internet on K.S.F.R,s website. Time is 7:00PM Mountain time.

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Birdie said...

Everywhere I've lived, the locals say "just wait a minute, and the weather will change..."

But this holds true in just one state, truly, holds true in New Mexico. I just finished teaching the 8th grade, and the last week of school I took them on a three day kayaking trip down the Rio Grande. We got caught in an unexpected hailstorm - hail the size of baseballs!

I look forward to tuning in tonight to your show.

Best wishes,