Sunday, July 16, 2006

Back to Cowboy Evening

Cowboy Evening is always so much fun. You never know who you may meet and from where. Here I am pictured with fellow Englishman Ian. Ian hails from York, Yorkshire , England and now lives somewhere in Arizona. We had a great conversation. Yorkshire and my home county of Lancashire are great rivals and always have been. It was good to meet someone who was brought up in the north of England with similar values.

Here is a picture of Sue Lewis, who along with husband Henry, make possible the Cowboy Evenings at the top of Bobcat Pass. My first exposure to Cowboy Evenings was around 1992, That's when I first met Dulcimer Dan Arterburn. We have since become great friends. By the way, The weather tonight was perfect. It cooled off just a little, but not enough to require coats.


Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, you are the Englishman who made a guest appearance at The Cowboy Evening around 1992/93 at the Moreno Ranch. Great to catch up with you again. It seems you are only getting better and better.

Kathy Nicholson said...

Philip, you are an incredible vocalist, musician, and now I discover an equally gifted writer. I look forward to hearing more from your adventures!