Tuesday, July 04, 2006

4th, July in Red River, N.M.

Red River is very busy this week. Fritz thinks we have just about outgrown the deck. All the spaces were taken on Sunday with people watching from the street.
The photo's show the 4th, July Parade. As you can see the streets are crowded.
As soon as the parade was over we were innundated with people in the park, and a very enthusiastic crowd they were. I made lots of new friends and sold many cd's. Thanks once again John and Tracie from Altitudes Restaurant. The BBQ was very tasty. The temperature today was probably around 65deg. That's very comfortable
I'm looking forward to Cowboy Evening up on Bobcat Pass with Michael David Smith and Dulcimer Dan Arterburn. I will take a coat. It gets cool at almost 10,000ft when the sun goes down. Then on Friday it's off to Santa Fe and "The Tin Star" Hope you had a great 4th,July. More soon.

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