Sunday, July 23, 2006

Altitudes, The Beach Party

I just received this photo from John and decided to add it to the original posting. It is of course also of the beach party at altitudes, but before it got dark. I believe this is going to be an annual event.
The weather this summer in Red River has been so incredibly cool. We would look at the weather channel and see that practically everyone in the country was experiencing 95-100 degrees and Red River would be around 75 Degrees. Sometimes in the morning it would dip down into the 30's...........

Well last night was fantastic. John laid on a feast of seafood and I played some J.B. plus beach songs of my own and songs by the Atlanta Tams. Many people were there and they had fun. A beach party in the mountains is certainly different. I also used the keyboard for the first time since 17th, March at the Primetime. Just a little rusty, but everything went well. Thanks to John and Tracie for such a great idea. Also thanks to Rob from the "Bull" for providing the stage and tables. All this happened outside with perfect weather. I played nonstop from 6:00pm til 9:30pm and enjoyed every minute.
Tonight will be Mountain Treasures once more with Fritz and Fagan.

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