Saturday, November 05, 2005

Happy Bonfire night!

Well, 5th, November, Bonfire Night. Would'nt I love to be in England tonight. I have very vivid memories of past Guy Fawkes days. "penny for the guy" where we begged for small change to buy our fireworks with. We used to collect old wooden furniture, branches, hedge clippings, just about anything that would burn and build a huge bonfire. This undertaking might take five or six weeks. We made a "guy" out of old clothes and straw then he would be placed on top of the bonfire. about the time it got dark we'd set it on fire and watch Mr Guy Fawkes burn. Then came the fireworks and last, as the whole pile collapsed into embers we'd drop potatoes in to bake. I believe they were the best I ever had, even though we never quite got all the ash dusted off.

Anyway, I'm working in Taos at Ronnie Lee's this coming week. See the picture Great food, nice atmosphere, oh, and wonderful entertainment. Check the place out when you're in Taos.

Ok JSB, so now you know, I figured out the image bit.

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