Saturday, November 12, 2005

End of tour

I just got home. This has been a good week, but now I have to turn my attention to packing and getting ready to leave in the morning. I will be at the Primetime in South Carolina this coming friday. That's the 18th, I think.

It did snow last night and when I awoke the mountains were white. Most of that melted in the warm afternoon sun. It is quite cold at the moment.

Last night I attended the celebration for introducing the new FIVE magazine at Ktao studios in Taos. I have ads running with them for about eight months. There were a lot of people there and I knew nobody, except for Janice. She graciously showed me around and introduced me to many people whose names have already faded. The faces though, I'll remember, but names...

This has been a wonderful tour and I hope to see again all my new and old aquaintances. Experience tells me that Some I'll see again and others I won't, but they have all been a gift. Thanks everyone. Til next time then....

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