Thursday, November 10, 2005

Had an enjoyable night at Ronnie Lee's last night. Mike and Connie came down from Red River. Thunder in the mountains is about Mike's hiking experiences. I also sold some cd's. That's always nice.

While I was in Taos I bought a digital cable for the Marantz recorder. This morning I hooked up the digital out from the Bose to the Marantz and tried recording. The quality is exceptionally high, but there seems to be one drawback. The Bose only outputs channels one and two into the digital out. The other two "line in" channels are ignored. There may be a way around this but I hav'nt discovered it yet. This may be a design flaw or at the very least an inconvenience for it means hooking up a second mixer to do live recordings of all instruments or channels used. There is a computer in the base of the Bose system so maybe an update will come along to solve this problem. Don't be put off trying one of these systems though, I still think it is the best thing on the market right now. Photo's of Bose and the Marantz recorder and the DR-880 is used only as a sound module for the Roland PK-5 bass pedals.

In an hour I'm going to Santa Fe. More when I return.

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