Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mardi Gras in Red River 2009

What a good weekend in Red River. Mardi Gras in the mountains.

Friday night I performed at the log community house for the annual family dance. This is an opportunity for parents and grand parents to dance with the kids.This building has been here since first erected by folks in Red River I believe, back in the forties.
Thanks to everyone who helped. The decorations and refreshments were really good. Thanks also to Eddie and Barbara Dry, my contacts and good neighbours in Red River.

Saturday was equally entertaining. This was at the Lift House Bar with many people. The two brothers in the photo are from Albuquerque and both returned safely after having served in Iraq.

Tonight I relax and in the morning head for Amarillo, Texas. By my standards, that's just a short day's drive. Looking forward to seeing everyone again when I return in June. Take care Red River.

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