Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Adobe Bar, Taos. February, 17th. 2009

The Adobe Bar is known as "the living room of Taos". I'm starting to think of it as the living room of the world. Several years ago, I met people there who had seen me perform at the Dolphin Bar in Cleveleys, England, during the sixties. This past Tuesday, I played a bluegrass piece and noticed a man buck dancing. I thought to myself that he had to be from the south. It turned out that he was from Dillard, Georgia and is my neighbour. He is about to move into a house on Lake Rabun, while I live just up the road on Lake Burton. This world seems to get smaller all the time.

Sorry there are no photographs, but my official photographer, Ray, decided to stay in Dallas, where it is much warmer.

Many thanks to the couples who made the effort to come and join me once more at the fabulous Adobe Bar in Taos, New Mexico

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