Friday, January 06, 2006

This is the taping of the
Southern Hospitality television show.
The host, Kathy Nicholson.
Here are Kathy and Linda making
breakfast burritos with green chili.
They were having a lot of fun and
you can tell. I'm not sure of the
broadcast date but will post it
when I find out.
Later on I sang the Chili line
song from the new album. This time I'm playing a nylon strung
Washburn, a workhorse of a guitar.
It's interesting to see how the technology associated with recording video has changed and improved over the last few years.
Quite amazing!!!

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L. Brooks said...

This taping was a lot of fun. If you could see the bloopers, it would be even funnier.

The food was simple and healthy. Kathy's husband, a video technician on the show, said, "I could eat vegetarian all the time if it tastes like this". That's what we need--more vegetarian recruits.

Enough about the food, the music was great. Philip accompanied himself on guitar, and it was great with no retakes. No bloopers there.