Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Fender Stratocaster.

This is a guitar I always wanted to own. The first person I saw play one of these was Hank Marvin of the Shadows. That tone always sent shivers down my spine. This is also the model guitar Buddy Holly played. Countless others have used one since then. It's strange that I waited until around 2000 to get my own.
It is an American deluxe. That year they came in red or green, a very familiar question if you spend time in my favourite state. When played through the Vox valvetronix amplifier, I can get that incredible Hank B. Marvin sound. I used this guitar on the latest album on Taylor Ranch Road. It was doubled with a Pimentel nylon strung to produce that haunting riff. T.T.R. is my great nephew Daniel's favourite song on the new album. Daniel is also a guitarist in Chippenham, England.

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