Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Dog and Duck, Austin, Texas

Just arrived back in Dallas. It is very hot here. Today I got to listen to an interview I had with Candice Felice of Georgia Public Radio. It was broadcast this afternoon. It is available as a podcast on WPPR. Demorest, Georgia. Community life Podcast June 16th 2009

I had a great time in Austin and last night visited with my friends at the Dog and Duck Pub, located at 17th, Street and Guadalupe. How about that? An almost real English pub in the Texas capitol. No skittles or dominoes, but dart boards, Guinness and other fine ales. I made a Shandy using 7-up. It wasn't bad at all.

There was even a classic car show in the parking lot. Just take a look at the long, black Caddy. Looks a bit like the Batmobile, don't you think?

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