Sunday, December 03, 2006

Stepp DG1 digital guitar.

I understand that this is quite a rare instrument. I flew to the NAMM show in Chicago about 15 years ago to check out the Synthaxe digital guitar and while there met a gentleman called Glenn Thomas. He was the agent for the Stepp dg1. We arranged for him to ship one to me on approval, which he did. It is a very interesting instrument and there are two different sets of strings on it. The ones that are strummed are not connected to the ones that are used to define notes and chords etc. The digital synth is built into the stand to which it is connected by a thick cord.
I still have it, although the synthesiser part has not worked for a long time. Recently I located a place in England that provides service and has spare parts. Of course I will have it repaired and hope to use it once more. When in tune mode, lights flash up and down the neck. This always caused a quite a stir.


Bob Crozier said...

Trying to get hold of one of these or the afore mentioned "Synthaxe". Any ideas? Didn't Yamaha make a synth controller in the shape of a fish if I recollect correctly?

stan_p said...

I have a DGX version that is a pure MIDI controller. Unfortunately it does not work 100%. The strings produce different velocities, and some are significantly louder than others. I do not know if someone knows how to fix this problem.

Visions from a Stolen Horse said...

Hi there, I have a DG1 that requires some parts so just wondering if you have the phone number/email/address of the place you mentioned?