Sunday, June 04, 2006

A view of Old downtown Salida.
The drive out here is about 1600 miles from Cornelia.The scenery in the last 200 is something to be seen. Temperatures have been around 85 during the day
but much cooler during the evening and morning.
Here's the Arkansas River. It is a place where everyone seems to spend at least part of their day. Quite a lively river!! The mountains are visible in the background. There are a lot of kayaks on this stretch, and people swimming. That water looks cold.
Here is a view of the rear deck at the Salida Cafe. Just to the right is the river. I did a sunday lunchtime show today. There were plenty of people and they really enjoyed the music. The last four days have been really nice and I hate to leave but I'm heading down to Red River in the morning so I have another great place to look forward to. Fritz and Jeff will be up here at Bongo Billy"s next friday. Many thanks to Clark Roberts for making this such a fabulous venue.More later.

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