Sunday, May 21, 2006

Eske's Brew Pub. Taos, New Mexico

The latest addition to the summer tour is Eske's in Taos. The date.. Friday 23rd, June. I have dined at Eske's several times and the food is great. I also like his chili beer, brewed on the spot. If you're in town please stop in.
Last night I was at Sugarmill. We had a very heavy rain around 10:30pm but had taken the precaution of setting up under shelter. It was still a nice evening, plus we got to watch the lightning dance around. Today is a mix of sunny skies and surprise rain showers. Rabun County averages over 80" of rain in a year and the vegetation is
like they said in yellow submarine "A sea of green" Very easy on the eyes.

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