Friday, May 26, 2006

The Basket Peddler

Here I am performing at the Basket Peddler in Cornelia on 25th, May 2006. The deck is brand new and as you can see, really, really nice. Mike and Jean are very proud of it. It is completely enclosed with windows all the way around that can be opened during nice weather. Now I can have breakfast on the deck year round. The event was a wine tasting, featuring the wines of Wolf Mountain Vineyards of Dahlonega, Georgia.
For the musicians reading, I'm Playing a custom built nylon strung guitar from Pimentel in Albuquerque. The mic is a Neumann KMS105. The amplifier is an acoustic Carvin, AG100D, and finally a little Vox T-25 Bass amplifier for the pedals. All very small and lightweight.
Tomorrow night (saturday) I'll be back at Sugarmill Creek at Lake Burton.

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