Friday, April 14, 2006

Working on a new CD.

Today I started to learn (for the second time) how to use the Roland VS-2480CD. It's a very steep learning curve. I have quite a few songs almost completed and decided to get busy and at the very least end up with a demo.
If all goes well and the quality is good, I'll have to invest in a Neuman U87 microphone to do the vocals with. I just bought a "Radial J48" active direct box for enabling me to plug an acoustic guitar into the Bose "Stick". It should also be fantastic for recording directly into the Roland. If you look in the picture you may notice that the monitors are a pair of JBL100's. I bought those in 1974 and still think they are superior to the new stuff.
The summer tour is coming together nicely and I'll add more dates as they become available.Songs from "A different place" were recently featured on K-tao Solar Radio in Taos, New Mexico. M.T.C.

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L.K.L. said...

Great picture. You look so relaxed. I can see you are pleased with how the recording & composing are progressing.