Saturday, April 29, 2006

Saturday night off

Tonight was cancelled due to cold, windy, and possibly rainy weather. It didn't rain but it was cool. So... I found myself at the lakehouse with some time on my hands and I decided to call Fritz Davis, the editor of the "Red River Miner". He told me they had just had several inches of snow and the precipitation is badly needed in such a dry year.
Also Fritz and Jeff Fagan have had two songs accepted into the New Mexico song writing competition. One, called "Take it as far as it will go" is an awesome song, and the other is about the presidential race and really funny. Good luck to both of you in Albuquerque next month.
I keep working away on songs for the next album and it is not easy. The stuff I've been writing is so different from what I've done before that I'm not sure if it will fit with what I do. Does every profession have these problems? Probably not... More at a later time.

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