Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Tuesday at Glen Ella Springs.

Last night was really great. I played to a group of fun-loving people mostly from I think, the Atlanta area. It's very strange, but in all the years I have lived in Georgia I have only rarely played in it's capital city.
Glen Ella is one of those very few places where a person can go and completely relax. It feels like you stepped back a 100 years. Nestled by the side of an old country road that leads up to Lake Rabun, yet easily accessible from U.S 441, it always seems to have plenty of guests..
I sold quite a few CD's, which is always nice. There seems to be a renewed interest in "The Fishermen of Fleetwood" album. As it happens, I have several songs written that compliment that album and I will probably make them part of my next project.
I was just reading my new copy of "five Magazine" and noticed that Cesaria Evora is appearing tonight at Popejoy Hall in Albuquerque. She's from Cape Verde and has one of the most soothing voices of anyone I've heard. That's a concert I'm sorry to miss.
I have tonight off but tomorrow I'll be at the Clarkesville mill. That show will be recorded and televised at a later date.
Friday is back at the Primetime in Seneca, South Carolina. More soon...

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