Sunday, March 12, 2006

Lake Seed waterfall

Today we hiked up to one of the waterfalls behind Lake Seed. It was about 70 deg. and a perfect day for such a walk.
Charles and Mary Ellen came with us. They are home on a visit from the U.A.E. What a major contrast to the desert and also from Red River. The ski area is reporting a snowfall of up to 26"in the last 24 hours. Charles was showing us his new camera. His photo's make mine look quite amateurish.
Lake Seed is the little, narrow lake between Burton and Rabun. It is very picturesque and worth a visit. I have hiked and biked the eleven mile loop. About 50% is winding, narrow dirt road.
I still have a lot of exploring to do in this area and there are many hiking trails in the national forest.
On tuesday I'm performing at Glen Ella Springs. It's an old hotel located on a dirt road close to Lake Rabun.
More soon.

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