Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Jack Walter e-mailed his favourites from the album.
1. Colorado Mountain Girl
2. In the Pink
3. At the Alvarado
4. Farewell
5. Thunder in the Mountains
Jack helps coordinate the British Car show. This year there is a change of
venue and it will be held in Rome, Georgia on the campus of Berry college.
Today is the day Georgia Power is supposed to start filling Lake Burton back
up. That's a sure sign that spring is not too far away. If I'm going to order my snow shoes, I had better do it quickly.
And, my morning hangout, "The Basket Peddler", will soon be offering wireless internet access. Cornelia is moving into the 21st century.
Well, that's all the news from L.. for some reason I keep wanting to quote
Garrison Keeler.

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