Thursday, December 08, 2005

More news

Last friday was a good night with lots of locals back. Robert, wife Linda and son Les were there. Good to see you on your feet after your surgery Linda. Of course Ed was there. My son Philip went with me. It was his first visit there in about seven years.

Saturday at Chickasaw Point. What a great night. They really know how to have a good time and everyone just loves to dance, especially the line dance. A merry Christmas to you all at Chickasaw.

This month there is going to be some information about me and my latest album in the new "Five" magazine from Taos New Mexico. Five magazine is published by K-tao radio station in Taos. A solar powered radio station of up to 100,000 watts. They have been playing several tracks off the album including Taylor Ranch Road, In the Pink and The St. James Hotel. Also, look for my ad. in New Mexico Magazine.

When I'm back in Red River next summer for the Fine Art and Wine Festival I'll also be performing at Altitudes Restaurant and Mountain Treasures on the deck, with Fagen and Fritz. Two of my really good friends in Red River. They also have a new album which can be purchase at Mountain Treasures located in beautiful Red River. M.T.C....

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