Saturday, December 10, 2005

At the Primetime

This was taken at the Primetime in Seneca, S.C. about a year or so ago. Jere Dubois took the photo. He and wife Joy, are two of my favourite people at the Primetime.
The guitar is a Gibson L-4 archtop. A georgous looking and sounding instrument. I used it on The Alvarado and also, I'm the Coyote. It is being played through a Vox AD 120VT, a valvetronix amplifier.
The Keyboard is an Ensoniq TS-10. Bass pedals... Roland, mixer and self-powered speakers by Carvin. The rest of the setup consists of a Yamaha MS60S powered monitor,
Ernie Ball Volume pedal and a Neumann KMS-105 microphone. Also, if you look underneath the mixer, you can just about make out my Fender Stratocaster, American Deluxe guitar. This also sounds fantastic through the Vox.


Anonymous said...

Great picture and love the web site. Informative and easy to read as well as navigate. Didn't realize you had so much computer talent as well as your music!

Philip John Brooks said...

Thanks for the kind words regarding my computer skills, but to be honest my son John showed me almost everything I know and I still don't know much.