Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Helen, Georgia and surrounding area.

It was raining today, but it was a good day to ride around the mountains. We drove up to Helen, a little bit of Bavaria right here in the northeast Georgia mountains.

Stovall Mill Covered bridge is about ten miles from the house. One of the few remaining covered bridges in this part of the state, it was built in 1895 by a Mr Will Pardue after the original one washed away. As you may have noticed, the graffiti artists have been here too.

The bridge was featured in the movie "I'd climb the Highest Mountain" in 1951 featuring Susan Heyward.


Anonymous said...

it's the bridge made famous in the movie sleepy hollow?

Anonymous said...

Been to that bridge quite a few times when I lived in Georgia, though it´s been enough years ago that I don´t remember if I photographed it or not. If I remember correctly it´s on a highway which breaks to the left from highway 17 (255 ?). Too lazy to look at the map now, but thanks for the memories.