Friday, September 26, 2008

The Days of 1895... Red River, New Mexico

"The Days of 1895" is a celebration of the founding of Red River as a town. Everyone dresses up in period dress and it's quite a spectacular sight. I performed a concert on the porch of the Community House and went on to the Double C in Cimarron. This is a really nice restaurant with great food. It was once called Kit Carson's, but now has new decor and a new owner.

I was on the stage in the park singing my song "The St. James Hotel" when I was accosted by Clay Allison. He was actually the great grand nephew of Clay Allison, the gun fight/rancher who spent many days in the bar at the St. James.

I also managed to fit in another engagement at the Adobe Bar in Taos. It's known as the living room of Taos. My friend Bob showed up. I see him all over the place. last time was at Bongo Billy's in Salida, Colorado. He was on his way to Greenville, South Carolina. Safe travels Bob.

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