Wednesday, June 06, 2007

More about the tour

Next on the tour came the Cimarron Historical Society. This was an amazing venue. I'm hoping some of the members come back to the booking at the St. James Hotel and also for Mule Days.
I then went to the Tin Star in Santa Fe and stayed at Paige and Leslie's house. Thank you both for being so kind.
I am now the proud owner of this beautiful, handmade Pimentel guitar. It is perfect. Thank you everyone at Pimentel for helping me decide on all the minute details. It really is quite an amazing guitar.
Well I'm now back in Red River and away from Albuquerque's heat and wind. It will be cool in the morning and I'm looking forward to it. More soon

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Philip said...

Wow, the guitar looks great. How does it sound?

I'm glad your tour is going well!