Monday, January 29, 2007

Stepp dg1... More information.

I promised to post some more about the stepp dg1. There have been quite a few hits from interested people from as far away as Japan. If you have never seen one up close I hope you find these photo's of interest. Initially, it could only be played with a metal pick but that problem was soon solved with a software update. It has two sets of strings, both made of stainless steel. I still have the original strings from the late eighties.
On the second photo I have removed the cover to expose the sensors on the "body" strings. These sensors help determine which strings have been plucked, and at what velocity. The strings are of all the same thickness and tension is adjusted to suit the individual player. I had a problem of "phantom triggering" caused probably, by static electricity. I was able to overcome most of this by holding strings I wasn't playing. There is an allen key under the head cover for adjusting string tension.
The body is quite thin, similar to a Fender Telecaster. It does generate some heat but it's not uncomfortable.
The guitar plugs into the stand which they refer to as the life support system. This is a really cool instrument and I'm looking forward to playing it once again, especially in the studio. As I think of more features etc. I'll post more on this. I hope you find it useful.


Viktor said...

Man, that must be the coolest thing i've ever seen. I must have one!

Anonymous said...

There's the original Stepp DG1 European demo model up for sale at VEMIA auction( now (till Nov 10), courtesy of ex Synton boss Felix Visser. Only used at a few music trade shows, so in very good condition.
Start price of 275 uk pounds, and no reserve.

stan_p said...

I have a DGX version of Stepp, but I cannot get the Velocity balanced across all strings..some strings are much louder than others. Does anyone know how to solve that problem?

It is an awesome tap guitar-midi controller. It picks up string bends like nothing else out there!

c1105y said...

You can visit for details of the company who service and supply parts for STEPP guitars

gangster said...

Would Any of yous have a manual that you could photo copy for me I've been looking for one for years and haven't been able to find one . I've got the guitar but no manual :(