Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Texas, New Mexico, Colorado tour.

This afternoon I'm Checking and packing equipment ready for my departure, hopefully early in the morning. I thought I was travelling light until I saw what was actually there. I have to carry spares of everything. Nothing can be replaced once I reach Red River. I have to be in Dallas for Friday evening so I have a fairly easy drive of about 900 miles in two days.
Look at the stickers on my case. They do serve a purpose. I used to travel with an old black Gretsch Duo Jet,the case was a mess and the many bumper stickers were the only thing that kept it from completely falling apart.
The bookings in Austin and Lago Vista will be interesting. On this tour I have 15 bookings in 22 days and decided that was enough. I want to have free time to enjoy the fall in the mountains of New Mexico. The mountain bike is going along. Just as with other tours, I'll post as the opportunity arises. Hello Mountain Treasures... Get the coffee pot on!!! Wake up Red River, don't go to sleep just yet.

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